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How Could Flatfeet Affect Your Dancing?

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Gliding, leaping, twirling and waltzing your way across the dance floor is not easy no matter what style you are attempting to do. Dance requires a lot of strength, stability and coordination and can be a really great workout. It can also take a toll on feet and ankles as they provide the foundation for each and every movement.

Like anything with a faulty foundation is at risk for being insecure, a faulty foot structure could pose a risk if you are a dancer. Dr. Tina Boucher, foot specialist in Meriden, CT treats dancers on a regular basis with their foot and ankle needs. A foot condition that can have an impact on dance is flat feet.

Flat feet are caused when the natural arch in the bottom of the foot does not exist. Some people are born with flat feet while others sustain an injury, which can cause the arch to collapse and flatten. Abnormalities in the foot can also lead to flat feet. The pointing, flexing and balance involved in many styles of dance require strong feet. If you have flat feet and dance on a regular basis, Dr. Boucher recommends exercises to strengthen the tendons in your feet. Picking up items with your toes and clench-release exercises are some examples.

Having flat feet often cause a problem with pronation, which is when your feet roll inward more severely than someone with a regular arch. Overpronation will require you to be careful how you step and land on your feet in order to avoid injury.

If having flat feet is interfering with your dancing or you are experiencing regular foot pain, there could be more going on. Don’t waste a minute of music! Contact our podiatric office today for help. Call us at (203) 238-3668 or visit us online
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