Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hip Hop Dancing Injuries

Hip-hop is a dance style gaining in popularity. Dance schools, clubs and television shows are highlighting this fun, challenging and active genre of dance. Dancing develops strength, increases cardiovascular endurance, agility and coordination to name just a few benefits. While hip-hop can engage every muscle in your body, it can also put you at risk for injury.

Foot specialist, Dr. Tina Boucher helps dancers manage their foot and ankle health on a regular basis. There are situations where injuries can happen that are out of your control but others are preventable. Here are a few risks to watch out for:

    •    Skipping the warm-up – There is true value to avoid injury in giving your muscles a chance to warm up and prepare for what is ahead.

    •    Improper technique – This type of dance can involve some challenging movements. Trying something out of your difficulty level or without having learned the proper technique is setting the stage for all sorts of injuries.

    •    Pushing past the limit – When you have been dancing regularly, you could be putting your body at risk for overuse injuries. If something is painful or feels strained, take some time off and gradually build back up your strength.

    •    Wrong footwear – Most styles of dance require a certain type of footwear and hip-hop is no exception. The right shoes give your feet the support and cushioning they need and provide a good foundation while dancing.

Are you a dancer struggling with foot or ankle pain? Let us help you get back on the floor. Contact Central Connecticut Footcare Center at (203) 238-3668 to make an appointment today.

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